A Fuzzy Muzzy, so to speak.
From the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago and going to Medical School down in West Virginia.


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Im coming to you for advice because you give out some pretty good ones. Do you have some words of encouragement when one is sucking at something? When you are out on the field, and you are not getting things quite right? Thanks!

If one is sucking at something, keep at it over and over.

You are most likely going to fail over and over.  But one thing that’s going to happen is that you are going to get better at it slowly but surely.  If you have the motivation and the drive, then failing will not deter you from getting the practice out there.  

Plus get some advice from people in the field from who you trust.

Haircut before Eid?

Yay or Nay?

Online Book Links for Serious Students and Scholars

Via Mufti Bilal Ali Ansari

As-Salaam Alaikum,

"Eid al-Adha was legislated during the second year after the Hijra. Hajj was legislated during the ninth year after the Hijra. That means that for seven years the Muslims celebrated Eid al-Adha along with the Prophet, blessings and peace upon him, while there was no Hajj. Hence, how can the legal basis for determining Eid al-Adha be the standing of the pilgrims at Arafat, when for seven years the Ummah was celebrating Eid and there was no standing of the pilgrims at Arafat? Eid al-Adha is the 10th day of Dhul Hijja, and has nothing to do with the standing of the pilgrims at Arafat. The division of the Umma comes from those making false moon-sighting claims, which lead to large numbers of Muslims beginning their sacred observances early. Allah knows best.”

-Via Imam Zaid Shakir

What presents are you planning on giving your loved ones this Eid?

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nice avi ! the change was good (: !! Ru a salafi btw ?

Why don’t you go ahead and take a guess what I am.

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So our duas worked for your brother a while back ?

Alhumdulillah yes.

Thank you everyone for keeping the duas.

This is the first Eid I get to have together with Jennah.  We already got each other Eid presents and we are just waiting for them to come in.

Alhumdulillah she got me a nice shirt, a tie, and some other accessories.  

She picked out what she liked and ordered it and I said that can be your Eid present from me (Since I’m an amateur in woman’s fashion.)

That being said, Alhumdulillah my brother got a job as  a Nurse that pays pretty well and he’s not in the house 24/7 to annoy me.

My Dad actually went off to India alone for one of my cousins (Aamena apa’s) wedding.

Also Jennah just had an interview yesterday and from the sound of it, it went exceptionally well and I’m really proud of her.

Yesterday I was picking up food from Panera bread.

Panera bread guy:  ”I’ll need your name sir.”

Me:  ”Mohammed”

Panera bread guy:  ”Oh you were named after the boxer Muhammad Ali?”

Me:  ”uhhhhh..”